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  Run away, run away!

And a moment later, all treasure forgotten, Jake and his crew were dashing in terror from the fort to find their dinghy....

"It worked me hearties!" Pugwash and his men pop out of the monster!

While on the other side of the island the 'monster' was arriving, bit by bit on the shore.

"Its worked! My cunning plan has worked!" cried Pugwash. "See? They've gone! They're rowing back to the ship. Hah-Hah! What a crafty capable Captain I am!"

A pile of booty awaits!

"And - lolloping landlubbers, look at the loot! There's enough booty there to bury a brontosaurus!"

"Very remarkabubble, Cap'n," said the mate, "but er Cap'n, what about Willy?"

"What do you mean, what about Willy?" retorted the Captain crossly. "Where is he?"

"Look! He's down there," cried Barnabas. "He's still in the tail!"

Poor Willy!

Poor Willy really was in trouble. He was stuck in his tail, he couldn't see where he was going, and the more the Captain shouted at him the more muddled he became.

Avast! Read on me hearties...