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Pugwash, the Mate and Barnabus put on the costume!

At first light next day the Captain and his men gathered in the shallow water beside the Black Pig and got ready for the great assault.

Pugwash put on the monster's head, the Mate and Barnabus were in the hump and Willy wore the tail.

High up in the ruins of the old fort, Cut-Throat Jake and his men slept among the cactus plants and the treasure. They were all tired out after a heavy night's eating and drinking and their snores were horrible to hear. Even the lookout was dozing at his post until...

Lazy Git!

"Cap'n Jake! Cap'n Jake! he yelled." "There's a m-monstrous m-monster down here. It's coming ashore! It'll eat us alive!"

"This better be good!" Jake was in a mean mood!

In an instant Jake was awake and beside the sentry, swearing terribly. He hated being woken up in the morning.

Run lads. Run for ye lives I tell ya!

But when he saw what the sentry saw... "Creeping catfish," he roared. "Run for it! Back to the ship all of ye! Run
for your lives!"

  Avast! Read on me hearties...